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This majestic turn of the century home depicts the perfect contrast between contemporary furniture and light surfaces. The look of the velvet sofa combined with the black marble coffee table and beige area rug creates the cozy, classy common space. The kitchen integrates grey cabinets with a marble countertop, complimenting the white flooring and brass accents to complete the timeless and minimal design.

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I am completely amazed by this 150 sqm apartment in Copenhagen, designed by Dubrovska Studio. The space is titled ‘Sense’, vibing within its calm and relaxed atmosphere. It’s really hard to say what I love most, but if I had to pick I would chose the terrazzo floor and sink in the bathroom; it makes for such a great look together with the concrete tub and brass fixtures. Who wouldn’t want to take a bath in a bathroom like this? Other stylish favorites are the brass window shutters, adding some privacy to the bathroom.

Design by Dubrovska Studio


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The first thing that sticks out in this Stockholm apartment is the gold panel island shimmering in the kitchen. In addition to this eye catcher, the entrance to the apartment is painted in a pretty pinkish-red, adding charm and uniqueness. The small space is organized to perfection; the bedroom is separated by a glass partition, adding light and optical space while the bathroom is hidden underneath the second bed, incorporating the height of the apartment and perfecting the space saving solution.

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I have always been a huge fan of brick, and this loft with its exposed brick has so much style. The first impression in the living room is the ceiling height of over 5 meters, which is strikingly high. The enormous industrial window lets a vast amount of natural light into the space, and paired with the ceiling height, gives this home a very spacious feeling. The high ceiling also allows for the bedroom to be above the kitchen, adding the practical factor as well as complimenting the brick with the perfect grey-blue. I love how much space the mezzanine contributes, allowing for a good sized bedroom and walk in closet area.

via entrance makleri