Intentionally Bl□nk


This apartment is a very unique concept as it is six meters below ground. Even though the space is underground and the living area has no ‘view’, it receives pleasant sunlight through innovative solutions and the large glazing to the patio. I like the loft-like high ceilings, the open layout and of course the cute outdoor area, which is very private and has quite a relaxing feel to it.

via Edward Partners


This impressive apartment is located in one of the very beautiful, historic houses built in the late 1880s along the Paris-inspired esplanade Valhallavägen in Stockholm. I love the the ceiling height, the beautiful tiled ovens, the fishbowl-patterned parquet flooring, the high sockets, the wooden chest panels and the stucco, all of which make this lovely place very unique. The styling of the space is very exquisite and full of taste, giving the place a classy yet classic personality.

via ESNY


This stylish Stockholm apartment might be small, sizing up at only 39 square meters, but it is a perfect example how to maximize the space to its potential. The contemporary color palette and stylish furnishings make this place cozy and unique. I love the shades of blue in the bedroom, partnering well with my favorite furnishing, the velvet couch. The blues contrast with the black accents like the window casings and wall plinths, which bring a certain industrial vibe to the space.

via ESNY