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Two words for this interior: earthy and warm. The space’s neutral shades of beige, sand, white and grey definitely contribute to the serene atmosphere. Natural materials and furnishings were favored as well, creating a calm and harmonious home. Combining white and the right accent pieces, earthy browns can add to the perfect cozy and inviting ambience.

via Stadshem


This place has is all – white wooden floor, pale grey walls, an amazing mix of classic and modern furniture, beautiful artwork and two stunning, unforgettable chandeliers. I love the monochrome stylish atmosphere and the uncluttered, curated look that is consistent throughout the space.

via Alvhem


This light-filled 90 square meter apartment in Göteborg has a spacious, airy floor plan with plenty of well preserved details- say hello to gorgeous moldings, old whitewashed wood floor and beautiful wing doors! The modern furnishings provide a unique contrast to the historic setting, while still preserving its character by adding a few retro pieces. The interior is harmonious and bright with lots of white and grey, and combined with the fresh touch and pop of greens and blues, the graphic look is all tied together by the scattered black pieces.

via Alvhem


Upon entering the hallway, you are already struck by the amazing ceiling height of this unique one bedroom apartment. I absolutely love the huge window front, which, in addition to the steel framed glass doors to the bedroom, give the space its industrial look. Glass partitions are a great solution for small spaces; light will be let through, while still providing separation to the rooms. The kitchen is kept very minimal, keeping the focus on the open living area enriched by the windows and wall art.

via Alexander White