Intentionally Bl□nk


The white walls give this Stockholm apartment a fresh, light look. I like the simple style of this home staging a lot. The space is kept minimal, but has a lot of warm accents to make it cozy and inviting. I am especially drawn to the shelf area in the living room, as I am in the middle of designing one for my home as well!

via Fantastic Frank


Still loving those stunning steel-framed windows! Similar to previous apartments, their ability to double as space openers and separation elements is on display in this Goteborg studio. The dark kitchen and black accent pieces throughout the apartment create contrast while warmth is added by the beige chairs and blankets as well as the light pink sofa.

via Entrance Makleri


This Goteborg apartment has gone from ordinary to outstanding with carefully chosen materials and great respect for the early 20th century aesthetics and design. In the kitchen, modern minimalism meets the historic envelope in a tasteful and unique way. The built-in kitchen island in graphite gray covered by a solid concrete slab grabs wandering eyes and completes the everyday function. I am totally amazed by the amount of light that is flooding through the windows and giving the beautiful stucco even more pop. Such a stunning home!

via Alvhem


This stylish home is just decorated to perfection; very minimal yet and still very classy. The highlight of the small living space is definitely the light grey-greenish kitchen. I love the open feel of the space’s layout which is accentuated even more by having the kitchen in this gorgeous color. Painting the bedroom walls a darker yet similar tone keeps the balance while giving the place its unique touch. The wooden floor adds a perfect amount of warmth to the monochromatic interior.

via Fantastic Frank