Intentionally Bl□nk


Instead of going for an all white or monochrome option, the designer of this kitchen chose a mint grey color for the cabinet fronts. The green shade brings a spring-like feeling to this apartment, complimenting the warm season that is finally upon us. In combination with the marble countertop and the herringbone wood floor, this kitchen looks fresh, cozy and charming.

via Fantastic Frank


Lately my posts showed interiors with grey, beige and even colorful blue and green walls, but this all white apartment brings a very fresh look with its white walls and flooring. The black and brown furniture and accessories pop out and bring personality to the place. A recurring theme I typically enjoy with Scandinavian apartments is the use of plants to bring life to their interiors.

Photography by Anders Bergstedt for Entrance Makleri


This home has a very tuned look to its interior through its use of a very calm and harmonious color palette. The different shades of grey combined with neutral colored furniture and accessories give the space a soft and welcoming feeling.

via Vasastans