Intentionally Bl□nk



Plants and neutral flowers have been my favorite pieces of interior decoration for a while now, and in particular, I love how nature has been introduced as it captures all the attention. Aside from the big banana tree in the dining room, which is stunning by the way, I am amazed by the decorative, hanging plants in both the living room and the bedroom as it gives the space a very unique, comfortable atmosphere.

As far as furniture pieces go, the round dining table from Asplund really stands out to me. I also love how the kitchen is kept in neutral black and white leaving the focus on the yellow wallpaper. I’m usually more drawn to white or painted walls, but this botanical wallpaper is the perfect balance of subtile and interesting.

This beautiful home is definitely one of my favorites since starting this blog, as you probably guessed by the amount of pictures in the post!

via entrance makleri, photography by Anders Bergstedt

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