Intentionally Bl□nk




I love how this apartment blends the shadows with different shades of grey. The lighter grey in the kitchen harmonizes perfectly with the green-greyish wing doors, balancing the tones in both the eating area and the entrance. The wooden boxes and antique rug combination in the kitchen, coupled with the flexibility of the doors, give the space infinite ways to accessorize and still create a specific charm.

via Stadshem


This incredibly charming apartment was designed to incorporate every little detail, while maintaining the original values ​​of the apartment, creating a unique, wonderful feeling. The steel glass windows in the bedroom, with one towards the kitchen, and the other with double doors to the living room, give character to the whole dwelling, allowing plenty of light and making the space feel more open. The walls in the living area are painted in a stylish light grey while the bedroom stands more collected in a modern dark green shade, making the separation of the two uses even more visible.

via Magnusson


This Berlin loft is such a unique space with its high ceilings, visible beams and exposed brick. The highlights of the place are the spacious open living and dining area, as well as the anthracite-colored built-in kitchen. The old roof beams were lovingly worked up and cleverly blend into the interior through their color, contrasting with the brick walls. I like how the interior is industrial, yet the furniture and materials make for a soft look.

via Fantastic Frank


I like the fresh, bright look of this small yet spacious apartment. The furniture pieces and plant life compliment the combined living and sleeping area, adding character and style. Similar to a quite a few of my previous posts, I love the decision of adding plants to a place, especially one with an all white interior.

via Alvhem